MUM Graduate Nathan Campbell is staking out territory in the literary landscape with his first book length publication: Found Audio (published by Two Dollar Radio, 2017)

The work has already generated admiring comments as well as positive articles in prestigious outlets such as Publisher’s Weekly “Writer’s to Watch” feature (plus making the PW list of  “Best Summer Books, 2017”).

Other comments:

“[A] mysterious work of metafiction… dizzying, arresting and defiantly bold.”
—Chicago Tribune

“This strange little book, full of momentum, intrigue, and weighty ideas to mull over, is a bona fide literary page-turner.”
—Publishers Weekly, “Best Summer Books, 2017”

“A wicked metafictional mystery [and] dizzying epistolary novel about dreams, perception, and the human psyche.”
—Kirkus Reviews

Of especial interest is this in-depth commentary by a prominent Amazon reviewer.

For those of you who have wondered what MUM Grad, former MUM staffer and enigmatic intellectual Nathan Campbell is really thinking, here is your chance to get an fascinating peek into an intriguing mind.