Susan Runkle is the Teaching Assistant (TA) for the introductory course for first-year students in the MUM Online MA in MVS program. The first course is called “The Science and Technology of Consciousness.” Susan has taught STC for over 20 years to incoming undergraduate and graduate students.

About Susan

After moving to Fairfield, home of MUM, in 1985, Susan started working for the university and has continued ever since. She served on the faculty in the Student Life department and then as Dean of Students for ten years. Susan says, “In recent years, I have watched the student population grow to include a greater percentage of students who are just finding out about TM. It is an exciting time.”

Susan has many interests, but her greatest joy is keeping in touch with her children—one in Brooklyn and one in San Francisco. She is also a student in the Ph.D. program in Maharishi Vedic Science and is working on her dissertation research.

Susan’s Teaching Philosophy

Susan says her teaching philosophy is aligned with that of the university with its emphasis on active learning and critical thinking. “One modern understanding,” Susan tells me, “is that we remember 10% of what we hear and 95% of what we teach.” So, at MUM, when you are introduced to new knowledge, you write it, speak it, teach it, and work on creative learning outcomes. And, in the process, you apply it to your own life.

Susan’s Role as Teaching Assistant

In accordance with this educational approach, the students in this online MVS course will write and speak about their experiences with the new knowledge on the online forum and in the lively weekly webinars. Susan will give her students much guidance and feedback. The students, Susan says, are international and vibrant. “It’s my pleasure,” she says, “to acknowledge their uniqueness. We meet the students where they are.”

Susan’s Experience with TM

Not surprisingly, Susan says her favorite thing about TM is how it has enriched her family life. “The TM program enhances my dynamic engagement in life, and gives me an inexhaustible reservoir of creative, problem-solving ideas to apply to daily life on all levels – heart, mind, and physical.” With the students also practicing TM, Susan says, “We share a common basis. I can feel the joy we all experience as we learn and interact.”

Susan’s Hopes for her Students

“The students have chosen to take this master’s program,” Susan says, “over many other online offerings. This choice shows commitment to their own growth and openness to Consciousness-Based education.” Susan concludes by saying, “As many times as I have taught this course, I always see that the students understand this is a great starting place for the rest of their lives.”

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