In January MUM will launch a new Regenerative Organic Agriculture* Certificate Program.

The site of this program will be a beautiful 26 acre plot of organic, currently undeveloped farm land just 1/4 mile north of the main MUM campus. We are rapidly transforming a humble but sturdy 5,000 square foot farm building that sits on the property, right next to Route 1, into our new flagship Regenerative Organic Agriculture Center. The 10-month academic program starts in January. The exterior work on the new Center needs to be completed by end of November / early December, before the deep freeze. Certain key interior features, like the classroom, need to be finished by February. Others by May, and the rest by harvest time.

We have raised $105,000 towards this $240,000 makeover. The first seed capital contribution came from Jim Schaefer, President, Soil Technologies (a Fairfield based international company that produces organic inputs and distributes worldwide). Plus we have secured a significant amount of in-kind contributions, including volunteer skilled labor, tractors and equipment.

However, we still need to raise the rest of the funds to support this innovative and practical academic program with aa appropriate learning environment.

To support that we have launched a crowdfunding page with incentives and group participation options that will welcome contributions of any size, plus allow participants to engage their social media connections as project advocates, and keep track of the success of their group of friends in contributing to the project.

To learn more or to be part of making something grow at MUM, see the new crowdfunding page.