Dick DeAngelis

Fair Field Productions, a local non-profit educational organization, is partnering with Fairfield Media Center to produce the Fairfield History Series – eight films that depict the history of Fairfield Iowa and highlight the amazing stories behind what makes Fairfield one of the most talked about small towns in America. Spearheaded by producer/director Dick DeAngelis (Business B.A. Class of ’79), their goal is to capture the essence of this incredible town and leave a lasting legacy for many generations to come. Currently, their film crew consists of over thirty talented young filmmakers, light and sound specialists, editors and historical researchers as well as a distinguished group of experienced film advisors.

The first two films on Jefferson County history, “Life Before Fairfield” and the “Heroes of Fairfield”, have already been produced.  These well-researched documentaries have already been seen by thousands of Jefferson County residents. They tell stories about a shared local history and are inspiring a fresh appreciation, both locally and throughout the state, for Fairfield and Jefferson County, Iowa.

Fair Field Productions has started work on their third film in the Fairfield History Series call “A Place To Grow” and they are now researching the history of agriculture in Jefferson County, from Native American farming to the settlers, small family farms, big ag and sustainable practices.

Currently, they are looking for a few dynamic students/Alums who are interested in working as barely paid interns on their crew (small honorarium possible).

Positions include:
• camera people,
• video editors (to edit “behind the scenes footage shows for Facebook and local television)
• grips and
• makeup person.

If you would like to be a part of this dynamic project, please contact the film’s director Dick DeAngelis at dickd@deangelis.net or call 641-919-4277.