MUM grad Darla Murphy’s first solo exhibition in the United States will present her most recent work in video and installation. Ripple Delete is a three-dimensional exploration of how we fabricate our relationship to the natural landscape, referencing the history of painting, documentary film and even outdoor leisure activities. For this show, Murphy tried to create a dialogue between images and ideas and the structures and materials used to produce them.

Video projections interact with physical elements in the gallery space, blurring the roles between the ephemeral image and the tangibility of an object. Other components, such as various found objects as well as the vibrating white noise produced by a sculptural sound installation, act as extensions to the large, enigmatic projections central to the exhibition. Here, the structures and media generally used to capture and diffuse images of nature become themselves the landscape.

Murphy frequently works in video in the form of installations as well as other mediums including performance. She is interested in exploring the relationship between the content of images and the means by which they are captured and diffused, often in the context of our relationship to nature. The camera, the video projector, the screen, are all elements that become as much a part of the subject matter as what’s visible in the image itself.

Murphy earned her Master’s in Fine Art at the Institut Supérieur des Arts de Toulouse in France in 2015, and still lives and works in Toulouse.

Ripple Delete runs from Saturday, November 12th through Friday, December 9th. Opening reception on Friday, November 11th at 7pm.