Company’s statement of the project:

“Founded by Joachim Claes (previously the international Marketing manager for the TM organization, who tripled TM instructions in 55 countries), and armed with close to $400,000 in investments, this Fairfield startup aims to revolutionize the construction industry.

They have developed a building system that combines natural building materials (wood, clay, and sand) in a unique way, allowing us to build houses that are completely sustainable, have a higher quality of life than any (Vastu) house ever built before, yet at a 20% lower cost than conventional houses.

With our system, we managed to do something that no other construction company managed, (even the big players with billion-dollar budgets and armies of engineers), allowing us to make a significant impact in the global construction industry, and finally creating a breakthrough for Maharishi Sthapatya Veda (MSV). Even if people are not interested in MSV per se, everybody wants a better house at a lower cost.

We will build our first prototype house in Fairfield this autumn and then start commercializing the project, while reinvesting profits and attracting additional investments to expand rapidly, both locally, nationally and internationally. Even without any marketing (or a website, or even business cards) We already have clients who want entire developments with our system in Fairfield, California, Texas, UK, Belgium, and Germany.

As part of the work routine, we pay for 50% of the time spent on the practice of the TM and TM-sidhi program.

Possibility to receive part of the salary in the form of share options in the company.

A detailed description of the project and our building technology is available on request.”

Job Descriptions

Builder to help build prototype house (and many houses afterwards)

Requirements (in order of importance)

  • Good compatibility with the CEO
  • Practical experience with construction
  • not afraid to work and to think, able to both follow instructions and think for himself on how to improve upon instructions. (First prototype house will involve as much invention and figuring things out as actual construction)
  • Management experience
  • passion for lean management optimization and efficiency
  • passion for sustainable construction
  • passion for Maharishi Sthapatya Veda
  • passion to help the Movement realize Maharishi’s goals for the world.

Assistant to builder


  • willing to do the work
  • good compatibility with the master builder
  • fulfilling any of the other requirements mentioned earlier is a plus.

Right-hand person to the CEO

(for various jobs / future management position)


  • good compatibility with the CEO
  • highly intelligent
  • not afraid to work, and to think
  • able to learn quickly and figure out just about any job quickly
  • experience in management and potential to grow into a management role in the future is a big plus
  • fulfilling any of the other requirements mentioned earlier is a plus.

Send resume and cover letter to: Joachim Claes,