A Gifted Speaker, Teacher of ‘How to Become a Professional Human Being’

“Inspirational.” “A gifted motivator.” “The hit of the conference.” These are the kinds of comments heard from attendees of Jim Bagnola’s workshops, offered to corporations and government agencies in the U.S. and internationally on “The Art of Becoming a Professional Human Being,” a series that teaches employees how to shed limitations and find greater personal power.

An MUM graduate in 2011, Jim is a corporate educator, international speaker and executive coach. His book, Becoming a Professional Human Being: How to Enjoy Stress-Free Work and Personal Happiness Using the Mind/Body/Work Connection, was released in 2012.

Jim credits MUM for a formative and unique educational experience. “MUM has its focus on the knower and the known both,” he says. “How do we expand the conscious capacity of the knower? It’s not only about changing the hardware (the brain) but also changing the process of knowing, the software. That was the focus at MUM.”

Of his experience in the classroom at MUM, Jim says, “It’s interactive. It’s engaging. It’s having students teach each other. It engaging the student’s brain as much as the teacher’s brain. It’s reading an article or a piece of science and talking about it and then going deeply in the main points and how they relate to us and the world. The experience at MUM was exhilarating. The professors all stood out.”

As the former manager of world-famous master magician Doug Henning, Jim knows how to weave entertaining and fun — but always practical — experiences into his speaking engagements, which is appreciated by workers who must often sit through less-than-spellbinding presentations in their jobs.

Jim’s client list reads like a directory of Fortune 500 corporations and top government agencies. He has worked with thousands of companies as diverse as Shell Oil, U.S. Department of State, Mariott Hotels, Motorola, Scotiabank, NASA, and the United Nations. He serves as executive coach to many corporate executives.

Jim Bagnona w Romania degree98068Jim’s teaching techniques combine real-world knowledge he gained during 25 years in the corporate world with mind-body awareness exercises developed to break through personal limitations.

His teaching philosophy is based on the idea that thoughts and emotions can directly influence physical health and well being. His workshops employ many such techniques, giving participants first-hand experience in learning ways to change harmful thinking patterns in order to improve health, happiness, and success.

In this video, Jim illustrates the relationship between worker health and workplace management style.

In addition to his corporate work, Jim gives freely of his time to many social causes. He sits on the board of advisers for Leaders Romania, and is a frequent lecturer for AIESEC, an international educational foundation based in Rotterdam. In 2012, the University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine in Bucharest, Romania awarded Jim the title of Doctor Honoris Causa (photo, right), an honorary PhD. Jim is also a member of the board of trustees of Olive Branch Foundation in Ohio.

Above all, Jim urges people to turn within and awaken to their inner power. “Bring who you are to what you do,” says Jim. “That’s what I help people develop.”

Learn more about Jim on his website.

Written by Warren Goldie