You can get two types of class rings,


  • 18K: $1,198.00
  • 14K: $904.00
  • 10K: $664.00
  • 4.5K: $464.00
  • 2.5K: $393.00
  • Sterling Silver (NA57): $266.00

  • 18K: $761.00
  • 14K: $615.00
  • 10K: $484.00
  • 4.5K: $374.00
  • 2.5K: $278.00
  • Sterling Silver (NA57): $225.00

STERLING NA57 is a patented sterling silver alloy with increased tarnish-resistances and hardness. 2.5K & 4.5K gold looks and feels like 10K gold, but cannot be stamped due to the Stamp Act. Under certain conditions a low-karat gold ring may tarnish faster than a 10K gold ring, however, we have used this material for many company and championship rings for over 10 years now without a complaint.

INCLUDED: any raised, polished art, lettering; recessed areas dark or ‘natural’ antiqued; sized to recipient finger, yellow or white gold; outside personalization on sides; inside ring engraving (up to 18 characters); all closed-back construction, guaranteed free of manufacturing defects.

*Above pricing based on current $1,200.00/$16.00 Gold/Silver Market.