Author: Paul Stokstad

So You Want to Freelance?

By Steve Langerud I work every day with clients who are seeking to enter the freelance market.  Based on the projections that nearly 50% of the job market will be freelance or on contract by 2020, they are wise to do so! Overall, the biggest blind spot for people who wish to freelance is the fact that you have to get work before you can do work. They see themselves doing their work, using their skills, and providing value but they miss the part where they have to find the work! In my experience, clients present three key reasons for...

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Start a Business and Change the World – By Greg Agee

Greg Agee (MUM MBA 2014) is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 35 years of experience in multiple industries.  He has worked in all aspects of business operations from the ground floor to top management and for the last 10 years has been helping businesses grow through his consulting services.  Greg completed a “Green” MBA degree at Maharishi University of Management, with specialties in both Business Process Improvement and Sustainable Business. He is founder and owner of GreenAge, a business consulting company. On February 12, 2014 Agee spoke at the Career Lunch Chat Series on the topic “Start a Business & Change the...

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MUM Alumnus Johnny Coffeen Wins Student Academy Award

Johnny Coffeen, a 2015 graduate of MUM’s David Lynch Graduate School of Cinematic Arts, was chosen as a winner last month in the alternative category of the Student Academy Awards for his thesis film The Swan Girl. Seventeen students were selected from a record number of entries, which included 1,749 films from 381 colleges and universities around the world. Johnny is the first student from Maharishi University of Management to win such an award. Coffeen is a 2010 graduate of California State University San Bernardino with a bachelor’s degree in communication studies. He has worked as a music video director, documentary director,...

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New Book by Kabuika Kamunga

Kabuika Kamunga (MUM Grad 2013) has just published her first children’s book:  I Used to Be Afraid of Animals, with radiantly colored illustrations by Trisha Bain, which has earned a five-star Amazon rating. A girl grows up in the Congo near the rainforest. She is afraid of animals. Any animal! And in the Congo, animals live everywhere. She hides in her bed when there is a boa loose in the vegetable garden. She runs from dogs, cats, cockroaches, even a friend’s pet rhinoceros. When she eats her favorite food, stir-fried crickets, she has to close her eyes because she’s so scared. There...

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New Parenting book

Many of you are parents and so you may be interested in the new book Dharma Parenting by Keith Wallace and  Fred Travis According to the book’s website, “Dharma Parenting is a unique approach that combines ancient and modern knowledge in order to raise happy successful children based on their individual Brain/Body Type.” Sounds useful at any age. An insightful combination of ancient truths and modern brain science that can help us become wiser parents, raise healthier and happier kids, and create a better world.” —David Lynch “Dharma Parenting allows you to understand that your child’s unique needs may be...

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