There are many ways that you can contribute to this site and to MUM in general

For the Alumni Showcase section (see page)

  • We want to feature alumni websites, published books, photography, poetry, essays, and music.
  • If you could author a memoir essay long or short about your time at MUM we’d love to see and hopefully publish it
  • Please send photography of artistic merit or personal significance, with some kind of note about the piece
  • We’d like to hear about your career and life changes where possible (submit Alumni Updates using the form on the bottom of this page)

Send content for any of those items to Paul Stokstad, or call Paul to discuss at 641-451-4219

For the Alumni Calendar (see page)

  • We would like to know and feature any event where you are performing or speaking in public, giving a lecture, showing your artwork, or creating live music or any sort of theatrical performance. You can submit your event here.

To help other alumni

  • You can serve as a mentor to recent MUM grads moving to your area
  • You can mentor recent grads who are excited about entering your industry
  • You can advise young entrepreneurs in the MUM Concept to Market Institute
  • You can invest in one of their emerging business ideas

To help in any of these ways contact Sheila Swanson at

To support MUM

  • You can join in one of our crowdfunding initiatives as a donor, advocate or matching fund sponsor one of the programs via your social network
  • You can be a donor to one of many MUM programs that are designed to maintain and expand the success of MUM. Potential donors please contact Isabell Jansen