Dear  Compro Alumni:

Please support the ComPro crowdfunding project that you feel is most important. There is still time to fund and complete these projects by next semester to support the ComPro experience of new students from your country.

ComPro Crowdfunding Projects


Click the image to see campaign details and status

Click the image to see campaign details and status

Click the image to see campaign details and status

Click the image to see campaign details and status

Click the image to see campaign details and status

Welcome to Compro Alumni

Dear ComPro Graduates

iraWe welcome you to the MUM Alumni Association ComPro Group section.

The ComPro department continues to provide ComPro alumni with many services, including  the ComPro newsletter, an MUM ComPro Facebook page, and email announcements (if you haven’t been getting those, contact Craig Shaw at Soon Craig plans to launch a number of blogs to support your professional success as well.

Our role as the MUM alumni association is to supplement that array of services with news and other services that we have available for all MUM Alumni.

Right now we are developing a new AlumCard, an exclusive iPhone and Android-based Alumni benefit mobile application that will replace our plastic Alumni card, provide all of the usual Fairfield-based discounts of our existing card, plus giving you access to discounts  at over 350,000+ merchant locations nationwide.

Dean Keith Levi welcoming new ComPro Alumni Coordinator, Ira Roffel.

Dean Keith Levi welcoming new ComPro Alumni Coordinator, Ira Roffel.

In addition we are hoping that those of you who remember your studies with MUM with fondness, but also remember that the residence halls, roads and some classrooms could be improved, will join us in several “crowdfunding” initiatives to help support the learning and living experiences of the MUM ComPro students that come to MUM after you.

Even just a few dollars a month, or becoming a crowdfunding “Advocate” and distributing those crowdfunding ideas to your network of social media and email friends can build a great wave of group support.

Details of those offers are below

Please stay in touch with us if you have any questions!

Ira Roffel
ComPro Alumni Advocate

Message from the ComPro department

guthrie-500pxProviding access to the most modern educational system possible for everyone worldwide – for technical, personal, and professional success

Our unique and proven successful Consciousness Based Computer Professionals Master’s Program (ComPro), continues to provide improved personal and professional lives for IT professionals worldwide through innovative computer science education.

With growth of popularity of the program, we want to make this opportunity available to more students, which will also help create increased success, coherence and harmony in the business and National life of the country, and the world.

To continue this opportunity for rapid expansion, we want to rapidly assemble the additional support for creating the needed facilities and resources needed. This includes all areas of campus resources and student support, and also special endowed faculty support positions so we can continue to bring the best and brightest new faculty to the program.

We hope that you will be inspired by your own success through the program, and help provide the same wonderful opportunities to new groups of students. You can choose the areas you would most like to help support, and often your employer will double your contribution. You can also network with your friends, colleagues, and families to support this expansion of MUM Campus Projects and facilities.

All gifts are welcome and tax deductible. If you participate as a project advocate and send the offer out on social media, you will help inspire others and we can all see these results grow for each alumni group. Note that these campaigns will also keep track of which MUM classes support the most, so here’s your opportunity to significantly help us Grow!

Dr. John Hagelin discusses the ComPro Residences upgrade

Dear ComPro Alumni,

Dr. John Hagelin

Dr. John Hagelin

In my new role as President-elect of Maharishi University of Management, diving deeply into the inner workings of our University, I have been greatly impressed by the devoted and extremely competent leaders who have sustained our institution for so many years. These stalwart heroes have helped make my transition a thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring experience.

Together, we are reshaping and expanding many dimensions of the University’s functioning. In particular, we are revamping and improving our marketing strategies, drawing upon the extensive experience and talents of our Maharishi Foundation marketing experts who have increased TM instructions in the U.S. by 25-fold in the past eight years. We are launching exciting new academic programs and upgrading many facets of University’s functioning. And most important right now, we are upgrading the physical campus to a whole new level of excellence and beauty.

We have already made great strides in this area. In the last several months we have invested nearly $1 million in upgrades to Hildenbrand Hall, our largest women’s residence hall, which houses over 100 students. Likewise, one of our largest building for classrooms and offices—Verrill Hall, at 10,000 sq. ft.—has been transformed to a new level of dignity and functionality; a brand-new Maharishi Vedic Observatory now graces the exterior entry to the Argiro Student Center. We are renovating the interior and exterior of historic Henn Mansion, and just last year we replaced both roofs on our Golden Domes. All this has been possible through the great generosity and selfless support of our precious donors.

Right now, we are focused on a crucial remodeling our five high-rise residence halls, home to over 250 men students. Two of these buildings were significantly upgraded several years ago, but the other three are in rather urgent need of renovation. We already have most of the funds needed for this major project from within the University’s operating budget and from donor support, but at present we are still $177,000 short. Therefore, we are reaching out once again to our greatest supporters, such as yourself, to help us bridge this financial gap and complete this vitally important and timely undertaking.

This renovation is especially timely because our new marketing campaigns are bearing fruit: there is an upsurge in student inquiries, applications and visits to campus in these last 1-2 months. Our residence halls must be dignified and attractive to inspire these visiting students and their parents. With your support, we can easily make MUM far more irresistible for these prospective students.

I have been so inspired and impressed by our newly arrived students, whom I’ve been meeting in my new capacity as President-elect. They are so fresh and intelligent and excited about the new direction they have taken with MUM. They are truly the bright future of the world. (Note that nearly half of the 51 young Americans now heading to Bali for their TM Teacher Training Course are from MUM!)

I see an incredibly bright future for MUM—Maharishi’s precious, flagship-university. The momentum is building very quickly. With your generous support for our most vitally important initiatives, we can quickly create a campus that fully reflects the limitless possibilities of Consciousness-Based education. Please join me in giving generously today.

With my deepest thanks, and with best wishes for your success and happiness,

John Hagelin, Ph.D. MUM President