Author: Paul Stokstad

New Parenting book

Many of you are parents and so you may be interested in the new book Dharma Parenting by Keith Wallace and  Fred Travis According to the book’s website, “Dharma Parenting is a unique approach that combines ancient and modern knowledge in order to raise happy successful children based on their individual Brain/Body Type.” Sounds useful at any age. An insightful combination of ancient truths and modern brain science that can help us become wiser parents, raise healthier and happier kids, and create a better world.” —David Lynch “Dharma Parenting allows you to understand that your child’s unique needs may be...

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Alumni Survey results

So we sent out this “What we really want” survey, and your responses (thus far) indicate that this is what you want, starting from the...

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ESL Alumni Visit Campus

ESL alumni from the late 90’s recently had a get-together on campus that featured a lunch together at Annapurna Dining hall followed by a slide show presentation on the future plans for renovating the campus, held in the renovated Henn Mansion parlor. The group then toured the new Sustainable Living Center and took some group selfies over in front of the dome. ESL faculty members from that era Mara Winningham and Evan Finkelstein served as hosts and fond participants in the...

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